Mobile cabin delivered by drone


Cabin design details;

Housing unit
The cabin is 2.2m(L) x 1.5m(W) x 2.2m(H) cuboid box, and can accommodate 2 adults.  On the top of the unit, there are four hooks to fix it stably to the cargo drone.            The body of the cabin is made of insulated plastic panels, and the whole interior and some parts of the exterior are finished with wood, which allows guests to feel a more comfortable atmosphere. And, the cabin is shipped folded to reduce air resistance and prevent it from damage. When the folded cabin is delivered to a specific destination by drones or airships, the guest can unfold the panels by himself. This assembly process is very simple and intuitive, it just takes 10 minutes to install.
  The cabin is equipped with not only residential space but also various residential equipment to provide fresh water, electricity, and heating. Also, leftover food and garbage from the guests are also collected into a tank in this unit, Therefore, since the drone brings this unit back to the city after the guests leave the unit, there is no artificial trace left in the place where the housing unit was.

The hospitality service encourages guests not to cook in order to reduce food waste and not disturb the wildlife. Instead, meals are served in a similar fashion as the airline’s meal system. The meal is precooked and delivered with the housing unit by the drone. And whenever the guests need it, the meal is heated in the oven built in the housing unit.

Furniture, amenity
The cabin is delivered with some boxes, which contains the items that travelers need, such as furniture, blankets, portable toilets, and a variety of amenities.