Mobile cabin delivered by drone



The detailed service is as fellow.

Step 1 : First, A traveler selects the destination where he wants to leave through the map installed in an app before leaving the journey. This reservation service can also be linked with existing travel platforms such as Airbnb which already provided to customers

Step 2 : Next, the cabin, stored in the nearest droneport to the traveler's designated location, is delivered to the destination by drone. (If the destination is too far from the droneport, they can use an airship to deliver)

Step 3 : When the traveler arrives at the destination, the cabin is already delivered. So, the traveler can stay in the cabin immediately after completing a simple preparation process, such as unfolding, and leveling the cabin, etc.

Step 4 : After the traveler finishes staying in this cabin, the drone will bring back the cabin and drop off to the droneport.