Cionic Neural Sleeve


Collaborated with Daniel Zarem, Jon Johanneson, Angie Tadeo, Yves Behar.

The CIONIC Neural Sleeve is a wearable leg sleeve that can help people with mobility issues to walk and move more freely with the help of Artificial Intelligence and electrical stimulation. It’s basically bionic clothing that can help people walk by augmenting human movement. Unlike other devices that can seem robotic and uncomfortable, this is designed to be more comfortable to wear on a daily basis and is easy to put on and take off. The sleeve uses a lightweight and breathable fabric that looks and feels more like an athletic piece of clothing than a medical one. It is also available in different colors and sizes so users will be able to match it with their clothes and feel like it’s just another accessory to their outfit. During trials for the sleeves, users were able to see improvement in two key areas associated with foot drop: dorsiflexion at heel strike and ankle inversion during swing.